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New Year, new you! That’s probably what the majority of people think as another year goes by, and more often than not, the first resolution is to transform your body by eating healthier and exercising more.

However, when people say they’re going to improve their lifestyle they expect it to happen overnight, and can be achieved by jumping on the latest FAD bandwagon…and unfortunately there’s plenty to choose from!

I read an interesting article in the Guardian (link below) and thought I'd give my thoughts on it. Some things I agreed on but also thought some points need clearing up...

Nowadays everyone recognises the importance of protein to grow and repair damaged tissues (bone and muscle) after exercise, but it also supports immune function and the generation of new cells for overall health and development.

Companies have jumped on this and there is now a 'high in protein' product for almost every packaged food you look at when shopping.

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