Healthy Snacking

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Healthy Snacking – What, When, Why?

Snacking can be a lot of people’s downfall and the difference between a successful and unsuccessful diet. Snacking is a great opportunity between meals to fuel the body with protein rich and nutrient dense foods. Used correctly, they can fuel training, aid recovery and keep you on track with your goals. Abuse the privilege of a snack by over-eating calories and choosing poor options, can lead to excess weight gain.

Focus on foods that:
 Promote satiety
 Promote recovery
 Fuel training
 Are nutrient dense
 Are not energy dense
 Are not highly processed

Foods to prioritise should be:
 High in protein
 Source of slow releasing (low-GI) carbohydrates
 Whole, natural foods
 Liquid calories
 High in fat
 Heavily refined/processed

Take home messages:
Prioritise naturally sourced, whole foods that are nutrient dense and are filling. Avoid poor quality foods that are high in processed sugars, salts and saturated fats, and don’t drink your calories as this is less satiating that eating actual food.

Choose a suitable snack that best supports your energy requirements!! Are you training?

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