Hydration – Avoid The Dreaded Hangover

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Hydrate to prevent the dreaded hangovers this Christmas!

Enjoying a drink over Christmas is always part of the festive fun, but waking up with a sore head the following morning is never part of the plans!

This can be easily avoided and you can still enjoy a drink…or two! Just follow these SIMPLE tips and you’ll make the most of the day after the night before, and you’ll see how.

Drink-plenty-of-fluids Drink plenty of fluids, mainly water, throughout the day to ensure you’re well hydrated BEFORE you start drinking.

tea-coffee Tea and coffee can contribute to hydration, so long as you already drink it regularly (3+ cups per day). If you don’t drink much caffeinated drinks then it would be wise to stick to water.

water-or-soft drink When you’re out socialising and enjoying a drink… or 5, drinking water or a soft drink e.g. lime & Soda, coke, between every 1-2 alcoholic drinks can prevent a merry head from getting too merry! Start early before it’s too late and you’re feeling very cloudy…

Milk Rehydrate the morning after with plenty of fluids and a nutrient rich breakfast. Milk is a natural source of electrolytes and many nutrients for improved fluid retention.

HangoverHaving a hangover makes you feel unwell and can ruin your day and if you listen to your body, as you’ll end up staying in bed and doing nothing! Negative effects of drinking too much include:

poor Sleep quality 
poor Depressed mood, lack of energy & motivation
poor Increased risk of illness
poor Reduced energy expenditure
poor Increased appetite
poor Higher risk of making poor dietary choices

Take home messages:

Make the smart decision to drink a couple of extra glasses of water throughout the day and night to improve hydration and wake up hangover-free!

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