Nutrition Is A Lifestyle, NOT A Diet

                                                                                                                                           Nutrition Advent Calendar – Day 1

I thought I’d start the nutrition tips with an important message of lifestyle change as long-term health is the ultimate goal, not losing a few pounds for a special occasion.

Diets often fail as they target short-term goals and are not sustainable in the long-term. Instead, what you should aim to do is find a ‘diet’ or a ‘nutrition lifestyle’ that you can enjoy and can stick to for the rest of your life!

A good nutrition lifestyle is the following:
right Healthy eating habits
right Focuses on REAL food
right Matches your energy needs & lifestyle
right Allows you to enjoy your favourite foods in moderation
right Is flexible 
right Fuels your exercise to improve fitness
right Long-term success

A bad nutrition plan (typical diet) is the following:
wrong Very low in calories
wrong Restricts certain foods
wrong Supplements/powders/meal replacements
wrong The words detox, cleanse, juicing
wrong Only focuses on weight loss
wrong No energy to exercise
wrong No enjoyment, anti-social

Take home message:
Think about your goals…long-term health or short-term fix?
Avoid any quick fix/crash diets and focus on a nutrition lifestyle that you enjoy and can adhere to for long-term success!

Stay tuned for Day 2 to see how you start to make this change…

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