Take Your Time When Eating

                                                                                                                                           Nutrition Advent Calendar – Day 13

Take your time when you’re eating to promote satiety and support fat loss.

Consuming fewer calories than the amount you use for energy is key for fat loss. There are many little techniques that are effective in controlling your appetite, to help reduce the amount you eat, to achieve a calorie deficit.

One technique is eating your meals slowly. This promotes satiety and can aid fat loss by:

 Allowing food to digest whilst you’re eating
 Reducing calorie intake
 Helping you recognise the difference between being full and finishing your plate for the sake of it.
 Saving leftovers for another meal/snack
 Demonstrates how to control portions that are suitable for your appetite and energy needs.
 Becoming a long-term eating technique

Take home messages:

Eating your meals slowly can support your weight management/fat loss goals by reducing total calorie intake in each meal, and this technique can influence the way you eat to promote long-term healthy eating habits.

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