The 80/20 Rule

                                                                                                                                           Nutrition Advent Calendar – Day 4

When people start diets, or attempting to just eat healthily, they can sometimes oversee the big picture, that is to create healthy eating habits that can be sustained in the long-term, not just the first week.

By overseeing the big picture, I mean that eating well 100% of the time is just unrealistic, and you will soon start to miss and crave a treat, whether it be some chocolate, crisps or alcohol.

This is where the 80/20 rule comes in. Eating well 80% of the time gives you a 20% allowance to enjoy a treat. This will benefit you by:

 Planning your nutrition for occasional treats
 Promoting adherence
 Helping you recognise you can still enjoy a treat and still eat healthily
 Making eating healthily more enjoyable!

Take home messages:

Create a balanced diet:
80% – Healthy eating habits that prioritises:
– Calorie requirements 
– Whole, nutrient dense foods
– Regular protein intake 
– Fibrous vegetables and fruit
– Regular exercise training 
– A routine you can stick to

20% – Include preferred treats/less nutritious foods in moderation

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