12 week nutrition lifestyle plan

Turn Your Diet into a Healthy Nutrition Lifestyle!

The ultimate support for the everyday athlete

Are you looking to create sustainable eating habits that will improve your physique, energy levels and health?
Do you struggle to stick to a “diet” and don’t know where to start? Well struggle no more…
Forget about trying the latest fad or crash diet for a quick fix which results in you putting even more weight back on. 
Instead, I will help you create a healthy nutrition LIFESTYLE with extensive guidance and support throughout your tailored 12 week diet plan.
You will receive 1-2-1 support and coaching from start to finish to improve your health, body composition and training by making small significant changes to your diet. You will be amazed at just how easy and effective making such healthier changes to your diet can be, and the long term, sustainable eating habits this creates!! No more crash diets!!
You won’t be eating less…you’ll be eating smarter!

wrightIn this plan you WILL:

– Create a dietary lifestyle that works for you

– Look and feel better than ever!

– Improve your health and energy levels

– Eat great tasting food

– Eat more than you expected

– Improve your awareness and understanding of nutrition

GUILT FREE Enjoyment of your favourite foods and drinks!!

wrong In this plan you will NOT:

– Be deprived of anything

– Need to exercise for hours every day

– Be a couch potato

– Starve 

– Rely on supplements or meal replacement drinks

– Buy expensive food

– Regret it…

You will be shown how to plan your nutrition to improve your body composition (fat loss, muscle gain), energy levels and create a healthy relationship with your food!

You will be coached on how to maintain everything you’ve learnt during your 12 week body transformation plan, for the rest of your life!

For ONLY £135 you will receive:

wright Easy to follow meal plans
wright Personalised energy and nutrient targets 
wright Fortnightly check-ins 
wright Daily What’s App support
wright Optional tracking using MyFitnessPal 
wright Variety of simple and delicious recipes

wright Sustainable dietary habits you can implement for the rest of your life!

You get all of this for just £1.82 per day – cheaper than your morning coffee!!

Pay all in one go or 3 instalments of £45.

Guaranteed Results!

Check out some of the awesome transformations others have achieved with their improved healthy nutrition lifestyle…  

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Body trasformation of Matt Harrison
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Paul's 12 week body transformation
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Client Feedback

See what previous clients said about their experiences …

Danny has been incredibly helpful throughout my journey on the 12 week nutrition plan. Having been yoyo dieting for a while I refused to both jump on the scales and count calories. Danny understood and tailored the plan to my needs with these two things in mind without any hesitation.
This wasn’t necessarily a diet for me, I wanted to improve my nutrition overall. Since my plan I have continued to make healthier choices using the advice and meal plans given to me by Danny.

Danny helped me lose fat whilst still gaining muscle. The meal plans were incredibly helpful and detailed explaining what and when I should eat to achieve maximum results. I found everything very easy to follow as it was moulded around my day.I feel I have learnt a lot about food and nutrients after my 12 week body plan. 100% recommend to anyone that needs a little help achieving their goals.

Start of week 5 for me today, after 3 nights out last week and a rather tasty hangover yesterday I am very pleased to step on the scales to see I’ve stayed the same! 8lb loss in 4 weeks, and eating 3 x 3 course meals last week is pretty good going. Thanks Danny for helping me through it!!

I’ve struggled losing weight over the years and developed a really bad relationship with food, Danny has really helped get my food and nutrition back in check. I’ve lost weight and am eating better than I’ve ever eaten before, if I’ve had a wobble or have been unsure about anything food or training wise he has always been a text message away. I really can’t recommend Danny highly enough he’s changed my lifestyle and I can’t thank him enough.

This weekend has been naughty due to birthday celebrations but I love that I now know how to allow for this and not feel bad for it!! Thank you Danny for clearing up how to manage my diet without constantly feeling bad and yo-yo dieting!!

I did the 12 week plan with Danny, more for the nutritional, meal plan side. I exercise daily, but it’s always been what I eat that means the scales don’t move! I loved the meals, and was surprised with how much I ate, I was never hungry!! I’ve lost inches and 17 pounds which I’m pleased with. That has all been down to better eating (and the occasional cheat!). Danny was a great support throughout and always there whenever I had a question! I’d definitely recommend!

Danny helped me loose fat whilst still gaining muscle. The meal plans were incredibly helpful and detailed explaining what and when I should eat to achieve maximum results. I found everything very easy to follow as it was moulded around my day. I feel I have learnt a lot about food and nutrients after my 12 week plan. 100% recommend to anyone that needs a little help achieving their goals.

Highly recommended! The fat loss programme was so easy to follow with great meal ideas and support throughout. Danny was always able and willing to answer any questions. The results I’ve had speak for themselves, I’m made up!

Check out the success stories and Facebook reviews for more inspiring feedback!

Examples Of What You'll Be Eating On The 12 Week Plan...

Enjoy delicious food to lose weight, as evidenced by other Webber Nutrition clients!! 

diet plan that includes pizza
healthy foods for healthy diet
12 week diet
12 week nutrition
12 week nutrition plan
scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and avocado on toast
food for healthy lifestyle

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