Physiological Testing

Don't Guess... TEST!

We offer extensive physiological testing to remove the guess work from your training, so you know exactly how to fuel your training to maximize your performance.

Your nutrition and fueling strategies are then personalized to match your energy requirements for optimal training adaptations and competitive performance based on the data obtained from the fitness testing.

Data from the physiological tests can also be shared with your coaches to ensure your training is aligned with your needs. For example, lactate threshold data is essential to accurately structure your training volume and intensity to maximize your running, cycling and triathlon performance.

Take your performance to the next level! 

Lactate Threshold Physiological Test

Lactate Threshold


All endurance athletes should regularly measure their lactate threshold to assess how their bodies adapt to training. The point at which your muscles start producing lactate is called the lactate (anaerobic) threshold and the harder you need to work at for this to happen, the better you can perform. Knowing your lactate threshold allows you and your coach to periodise your training to maximise your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, resulting in a rightward shift in your lactate threshold for improved performance.

Hydration Testing


Hydration is key for performance, but do you know exactly how much & what you lose through sweat during training? We measure your total sweat and sodium loss during exercise to give you precise recommendations on what and how much you need to drink to maintain hydration and optimize your performance! This is one of the basic but important physiological tests for elite athletes competing in endurance sports such as triathlon.

Hydration Testing For Elite Athletes
Physiological Testing, Metabolic Rate

Resting Metabolic Rate


Accurately measure your resting metabolic rate (RMR) to calculate how many calories you burn at each day. This data allows us to calculate your energy needs and prescribe bespoke daily nutritional intake to achieve your body composition and athletic performance goals.

Body Composition Analysis


Track your body composition (body fat and muscle mass) to assess your current physique and to monitor the impact of your nutrition and training for achieving your goals e.g. fat loss, muscle gain.

Body Composition Testing
Blood Test For Physiological Assessment

Blood Analysis

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Our extensive blood analysis profiling ensures you are free from any potential nutrient deficiencies and hormone imbalances to maximise your energy levels and performance by measuring key sport-specific and health related biomarkers.

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