Body Composition Analysis

Body composition is a key determinant for optimal athletic performance, but it’s also an important factor for promoting health and tracking progress in training. Body composition tests are performed to measure your body fat and muscle mass and overtime, see how your nutrition and training influence the changes in body composition, as we look to achieve your goals of losing body fat and increasing muscle mass.

Skinfold body composition analysis involves having skinfold thickness measured using Harpenden skinfold calipers across 8 sites of the body (6 upper body, 2 lower body). The first test is simply your baseline measure to provide a deeper understanding of your current physique health and body fat distribution and percentage. Overtime, the sum of the 8 sites is then used in subsequent body composition assessments to monitor changes in muscle mass and body fat % in relation to your total body weight.

body composition analysis


PRICE: £40
DURATION: 20 mins
DETAILS: Using skinfold calipers in line with ISAK regulations, measurements are taken from 8 sites of the body (6 upper body, 2 lower body). Men will be asked to wear shorts and ladies to also wear a sports bra. The body composition assessment is completely pain-free and non-invasive.

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