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Performance Nutrition for Clubs

Performance Nutrition Workshop for Clubs

Sport-specific nutrition seminars and workshops to educate athletes, coaches, and support staff about managing training and match/race day nutrition to maximise performance.

  • Maximise sports performance
  • Providing nutrition education to promote training adaptations and recovery
  • Corporate nutrition programs to improve health, daily energy levels, lose weight and enhance body composition (increase muscle mass, reduce body fat)
  • Dispelling nutrition myths and promoting good lifestyle habits.

Nutrition Workshops for Young Athletes

Practical and interactive nutrition workshops for young athletes to fully understand the importance of nutrition, and how they can eat healthily to maximise energy levels throughout the day. Nutrition workshops provide many benefits for young athletes, to enhance their understanding of the importance of nutrition to fuel their bodies properly, to perform and develop optimally to succeed in their sport.

  • Understand fuelling demands for the young athlete
  • Practical suggestions for athletes and their parents and coaches for healthier lifestyle habits
  • 100% food first approach
  • Healthy energy-boosting pre-training, recovery, and on-the-go snack and meal ideas
  • Introduction to food handling and ideas to improve cooking skills

Nutrition Workshops for Schools

nutrition workshop for schools

Nutrition workshop ideas to educate athletes, coaches and support staff about how to manage training and match/race day nutrition to maximise performance through personalised food and supplement provision.

  • Maximise performance
  • Promote training adaptations and recovery
  • Enhance body composition (increase muscle mass, reduce body fat)
  • Reduce risk of injury and illness
  • Correct use of supplementation

Cooking Practicals and Demonstrations

Cooking is an essential life skill for athletes to be able to prepare nutritious and tasty meals. So, we offer cooking practicals and demonstrations as one of our nutritional workshopsThe attendees have the opportunity to see how easy it is to cook quick and easy nutritious meals and snacks using everyday healthy ingredients during nutrition workshops. This not only makes them more self-efficient but also educates them about flavors, incorporating different foods into their diet and how this can improve their performance. 

  • Demonstrations for groups of all sizes
  • Nutrition seminars and workshops for practical and interactive sessions for young athletes to fully understand the importance of nutrition
  • Variety of simple and delicious recipes for healthy eating and sports performance
  • Healthy energy boosting pre-training, recovery and on-the-go snack and meal ideas
  • Integrate with your in-house/team chef
Cooking Workshop for Athletes

All my 'In-Person' Workshops can also be run online via your own platform; Zooms, Teams, Google Meet, etc.

Nutrition Workshops with Food Examples

Beetroots offer health benefits to improve endurance performance, so athletes are encouraged to eat them to perform better. Not all athletes like beetroot, so we can hide their flavour in delicious Chocolate brownies!
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Beetroot Brownies | Recipes

Chicken and chorizo are high in protein, and sweet potato provides carbohydrates that complement the flavors perfectly. A delicious warm salad can be a perfect light lunch or dinner.
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Chicken, chorizo & sweet potato salad | Recipes

Chicken, Chorizo & Sweet Potato Salad

Chocolate protein truffles have low sugar and fat and are made with high-quality whey protein, dark chocolate and Greek yoghurt, making them a very healthy and tasty treat!
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Chocolate Protein Truffles | Recipes

Chocolate Protein Truffles

These pancakes are higher in protein, vitamins and minerals than in standard pancake mix. They taste great and are perfect to help you recovery after training.
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protein pancakes recipe UK

Protein Pancakes

Banana & apricot flapjacks are an ideal snack choice to improve energy levels before and during training. They are combined with fast and slow carbohydrates and many micronutrients for sustained energy.
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Banana and Apricot Flapjacks | Recipes

Banana & Apricot Flapjacks

Salads do not have to be boring! This halloumi, avocado & lime salad is packed with protein, healthy fats and nutritious greens to boost your energy levels through the afternoon.
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Halloumi and Avocado Lime Salad

Halloumi, Avocado & Lime Salad


Thank you Danny, your help has been absolutely amazing and I’m so grateful for all of your advice! I feel like you’ve helped me become comfortable with so many foods that when I was calorie counting I wouldn’t dream of eating and now I’ve managed to stop relying on MyFitnessPal and get off the scales which I never thought I would! I now feel like I can fuel myself properly and my energy levels have never been better so I honestly can’t thank you enough Danny your help has been amazing. Thank you so much for everything.
- Sharna Garforth - Semi-Pro Footballer

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