Hydration Testing for Athletes

Why is Hydration Testing Important for Athletes?

Hydration is often overlooked by athletes, which is crucial for optimal performance and recovery. Maintaining optimal hydration status by drinking enough water is important not only to avoid impairing sports performance but to support energy production for everyday activities, mood and concentration. This makes hydration testing for athletes crucial.

Drinking enough water is also an essential aspect of maintaining a healthy life to increase energy, mood, and concentration levels and aid in all day-to-day activities. Proper hydration techniques allow your body to replace water and salt lost via sweat during exercise.

Hydration Testing is important because it determines an individual’s body fluid balance. It is more useful to athletes as disturbances to their body’s fluid balance can severely impact exercise performance whilst playing sports and can be hazardous to health in serious conditions.

Testing hydration levels specific to your sport is an effective way to monitor your overall sweat losses to identify how much you need to drink. This body hydration level test also informs you of your sodium sweat losses so you know what you need to drink to stay well hydrated.

If you’re a serious athlete, doing a hydration test helps you learn how much you need to drink to maintain your hydration status during training and competition.

Sweat Patch Hydration Analysis and Testing

PRICE: £100
DURATION: 60-75 mins
DETAILS: After performing a short warmup, sweat patches will be placed on your body (forearm, chest, back) which will collect your sweat whilst you exercise, specific to your sport i.e. bike, run, row, HIIT. We will then analyse the patches and together with some other data, calculate your overall sweat losses and hourly sweat and sodium sweat rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydration Testing is important because it determines an individual’s body fluid balance, which is crucial for physical and mental performance. Hydration analysis and tests can protect your body from suffering a serious condition.

Thirst, Headache, tiredness, weakness, dry mouth, red skin, dark coloured urine, constipation and cramps are a few symptoms of dehydration. It is important to monitor the hydration status of your body for optimal performance.

After a short warmup, sweat patches are attached to an athletes body which collects the sweat and provides the data to analyse on your overall sweat losses, hourly sweat and sodium sweat rates. This process helps a sports nutritionist recommend a proper amount of liquid and drink to consume. It eliminates the guesswork during training and competition.

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