day 5 - alcohol swaps

Drink Smart This Christmas – Keep Calories Down With These Smart Swaps

By Danny Webber
Danny Webber is a SENr registered practitioner, an ISAK certified Anthropometrist and a UK Anti-Doping accredited adviser.
| Updated on June 28, 2022

Nutrition Advent Calendar – Day 5

Drink smarter this Christmas to reduce excess calories…

Everyone loves Christmas because it’s an opportunity to let your hair down, spend time with friends and family, eat great tasting food and enjoy a drink or two!

This is a very exciting time of year and people typically indulge a bit too much, which then leads to an attempt to ‘detox’ and go on a health kick in the new year.

Instead, you can actually make small changes that can significantly reduce the amount of calories you eat and drink over Christmas, so you feel a bit less guilty and still enjoy a party!

Today’s post will focus on alcohol…

Smart swaps include:

right Beer (200-250kcal/pint) light beer light beer (160kcal)

right Beer pint (200-250kcal) beer bottle beer bottle (115kcal)

right Wine (80kcal/125ml glass) wine-soda wine & soda spritzer (40kcal)

right Spirits (Vodka/gin/whiskey etc) with ‘full fat’ mixer (180kcal/200ml glass) sprit-with-diet-mixer spirit with diet mixer (55kcal)

right Alcopop – Bacardi breezer/wkd etc (170kcal/bottle) diet-mixture spirit with diet mixer (55kcal)

right Baileys/Irish cream (130kcal/glass) champagne champagne/prosecco (90kcal/flute)

right Long Island iced tea (400kcal/glass) Long Island iced tea cosmopolitan/martini (100kcal/glass)

Take home messages:

Little changes to your drinks can help to reduce calories. Opt for diet mixers and single measure spirits. Choose bottled beers over pints to encourage you to drink slower/less, and choosing a light beer is also lower in calories.

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